The Kink-a-nator

  1. Fill out this questionnaire about your sexual fantasies.
  2. You’ll get a unique code. Share this with your partner. Your partner must then go to this page, enter the code, and take the questionnaire.
  3. After you have both taken it, you can use your code to see your results, which will only show you and your partner’s fantasies where they align.

Slate does not collect any personally identifying information with this data; it is 100 percent anonymous. Your code will expire 24 hours after your results are generated.


Interactive by Chris Kirk. Inspired by Leave suggestions anonymously here. Heart icon by Vicons Design / Noun Project. Tent icon by André Rafael / Noun Project. Sex toy icon by Fabio Meroni / Noun Project. Buttocks icon by Lucas Rod / Noun Project. Handcuffs icon by Oliviu Stoian / Noun Project. People icon by Björn Andersson / Noun Project.